Showroom: 156 Cochranes Rd,
Moorabbin VIC

Showroom: 156 Cochranes Rd,
Moorabbin VIC

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Norsk PVC tiles are a perfect fit for any garage, gym, kids play room, and many other areas.
All tiles are created with safety and durability in mind.
Whether you need a garage floor tile or a basement tile, Norsk multi-purpose flooring
is easy to install and is extremely durable and resilient.


The multi-purpose interlocking tiles are easy to clean, resistant to most chemicals and solvents and provide excellent acoustic and thermal insulation.

Unlike cheap rubber tiles with distasteful odours that shed rubber granules, our odourless proprietary raw material formulation provides excellent anti-fatigue characteristics.

We are confident that Norsk multi-purpose floors will exceed your expectations. 

Air-Dry Technology

Only Norsk interlocking floors feature our Patented Air-Dry design.

The Norsk Air-Dry design permits airflow under the tiles, allowing moisture to easily evaporate or weep away.

All Norsk flooring Trim Kits include this same feature, making it the most advanced PVC flooring product on the market.


Tooth Design

The Norsk patented tooth design provides a much stronger interlocking mechanism than most tile designs, insuring robust connectivity under adverse conditions such as abrupt turning of car tires.

This unique tooth design features ease of installation and yet is durable enough to permit easy replacement of tiles and flexible enough to be portable for temporary install applications like tradeshows


Premium Thickness

Norsk interlocking PVC floors are .250″/6.3mm thick, making them functionally much stronger for use under vehicles or equipment in garage or commercial applications.

This premium thickness provides more surface area to work in combination with the Norsk patented tooth design, creating a robust yet durable interlocking feature not found with competitive products made from much thinner gauge materials and inferior tooth design.


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